The MVYSO loves to give students the opportunity to excel musically and to shine in front of an audience.  It's for this reason, that we are hosting our first ever Concerto Contest during our 2017 - 2018 Season.  Our Concerto Contest winners will perform in our March Concert.  Each winner will perform as a soloist with the Symphony Orchestra.  Get your audition ready for our 2018 Concerto Contest concert!​​  We are tentively planning our Concert Competition Audition for October 21, 2017.

Contest Rules:

  • We will feature 1-3 soloists playing one movement of a concerto or some other idiomatic composition with Symphony Orchestra accompaniment.
  • Auditions will occur near the beginning of the season.
  • The chosen soloists will perform at the March concert.
  • Full orchestra parts must be available.  
  • If you are interested in this opportunity it is strongly recommended that you identify a piece, choose a movement, and share the idea with Mr. Baldock ASAP before you invest time and energy in preparation. 
  • It’s likely that there will be additional expectations added as we encounter issues, but this initial announcement will get the process started.

Student Name
MVYSO Playing Group
Titile of the piece you would like to perform - Including Opus, K, etc.
Composer of the piece you would like to perform
Instrument you would like to play in your performance
Student Email


Kirsten started picking out tunes on the piano when she was four years old. She started piano lessons when she was seven and has continued lessons for the last ten years. She has taken from three teachers, all of which have inspired and pushed her to practice and play her best.  Kirsten is a member of MVYSO's Symphony Orchestra where she plays violin.  She volunteers as a Music Buddy in MVYSO's Jam Club Program.  She performed Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 16, mvt. 1 by Greig.
Claire had her musical start in the fifth grade, learning to play the clarinet through her school's music program in southern California. She began private lessons a year later. Shortly after moving to Washington in 2015, Claire joined MVYSO. Currently, she plays in the Symphony Orchestra and Elite Winds Ensemble, is a member of the Student Service Team and a "music buddy," helping members of MVYSO's Jam Club. She enjoys playing in the Tahoma Junior High School concert and jazz bands, and participating in Tahoma High School's Field Show Ensemble. Claire is interested in pursuing music, and continues to explore performance, theory, and composition opportunities.  She performed Clarinet Concerto No. 1, mvt. 2 by Weber.
Dylan started out in MVYSO in 2008 as a saxophone player.  Because saxophone isn't usually an orchestral instrument and we were transposing a bassoon part for him to play on the sax anyway, we suggested that he might be good at bassoon.  Luckily, his sax teacher also teaches bassoon.  The rest is history!  Dylan has become an outstanding bassoonist!  Dylan is a senior at Tahoma High School and participates in Tahoma's Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble, and Wind Symphony.  He has participated in a number of honor bands including PLU Honor Band, WIBC, and Northwest High School Honor Band.  This year marks he won the regional Solo & Ensemble Contest Bassoon Competition.  He performed Concerto for Bassoon, Mvt. 1  by Mozart.